Workshop on Analysis of Rate Independent Processes

Université Paris-Nord, 30 August - 1 September 2004
Organizers: Gilles Francfort (Paris) and Alexander Mielke (Stuttgart)

Aims and Topics

This workshop focusses on the mathematical underpinnings of quasistatic evolution in continuum mechanical models describing phenomena like dry friction, shape-memory effects, damage, delamination, fracture and plasticity. The guiding theme will be that of time-parametrized minimization problems with an emphasis on analytical questions associated with the passage from the time-discrete case to the time­continuous one. The goal is to develop mathematical tools that will permit to establish existence of such processes for a variety of models. Moreover, numerical approximations of the solutions will be discussed.

First Announcement

List of Participants and their Talks

Andrieux, Stéphane Clamart Global formulations for constitutive equations with gradients or regularized variables: some questions raised by the case of rate independent processes.
Chambolle, Antonin Paris On crack initiation in brittle materials.
Dal Maso, Gianni Trieste Existence results for variational models in fracture mechanics.
Del Piero, Gianpietro Ferrara A variational model for fracture mechanics. Formulation and numerical experiments.
DeSimone, Antonio Trieste
Efendiev, Messoud Stuttgart On the rate-independent limit of systems with dry-friction and small viscosity.
Francfort, Gilles Paris
Giacomini, Alessandro Trieste Stability of one-sided minimality properties in fracture mechanics.
Kocvara, Michal Praha On the modelling and control of the delamination problem.
Kruzik, Martin Praha A model for hysteresis in bulk ferromagnets.
Larsen, Christopher J. Worcester A level-set method for the Mumford-Shah problem and fracture.
Lorentz, Eric Clamart Some questions about gradient constitutive relations.
Mainik, Andreas Stuttgart A rate-independent model for phase transitions with sharp interfaces.
Marigo, Jean-Jacques Paris A variational approach to fatigue.
Mielke, Alexander Stuttgart Rate-independent models with finite-strain elasticity and time-dependent Dirichlet boundary conditions.
Mora, Maria Giovanna Trieste Quasistatic evolution problems in linearly elastic-perfectly plastic media.
Orlando, Antonio Berlin Effective algorithms in relaxation theory for microstructure evolution in solid mechanics.
Ponsiglione, Marcello Trieste Quasi static growth of brittle cracks in a linearly elastic flexural plate.
Roubícek, Tomas Praha Rate independent processes in shape memory alloys, including numerical analysis and simulation.
Suquet, Pierre Marseille Incremental variational principles and homogenization of dissipative composite materials.
Theil, Florian Warwick Rate-independent evolution of elastoplastic microstructures.
Visintin, Augusto Trento P.D.E.s with discontinuous hysteresis.


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Location and Travel Information

The workshop will be held at
Laboratoire P.M.T.M. Bat: L2
Institut Galilée
Université Paris 13
Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément

The university campus at Villetaneuse can be reached from Paris by public transportation. At Paris Gare du Nord please take a train with destination Ermont-Eaubonne, Luzarches, Persan-Beaumont, or Valmondois. The trains depart from platforms 30 to 36; that area is called "Trains de Banlieue". Please verify on the platform that the train stops at Epinay-Villetaneuse. Get out of the station Epinay-Villetaneuse by following the Villetaneuse exit. There, take one of the following buses until the stop Université Paris 13:

Signs will be posted at the train station and at the bus stop with the mention "ARIP-LPMTM".

The transportation time from Gare du Nord to Epinay-Villetaneuse is about 20 to 25 minutes including waiting time. The total travel time from the hotel to the university is about 45 minutes.

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Accommodation and Practical Information

Accommodation has been arranged by the organizers in the following hotel which is situated close to Gare du Nord:
Relais de Paris Republique
38 Boulevard De Magenta
75010 Paris

Tel: +[33] 1 42 38 02 55


This workshop is sponsored by Université Paris-Nord, by Laboratoire des Propriétés Mécaniques et Thermodynamiques des Matériaux, by Electricité de France, by German Research Foundation, and by Institut für Analysis, Dynamik und Modellierung. The generous support is gratefully acknowledged.

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