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Daniel Wirtz

Mr.  Dr.
Daniel  Wirtz
Academic Research Staff

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				Daniel Wirtz
Phone 0049 711 685-60044
Room 7.122
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Universität Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 57
70565  Stuttgart

Research Interests

Model reduction , nonlinear approximation, error estimation, dynamical systems, numerical analysis, MatLab-OOP

Curriculum vitae


Wirtz, D. & Haasdonk, B.: A-posteriori error estimation for parameterized kernel-based systems, Proc. MATHMOD 2012 - 7th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, 2012. Preprint Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Wirtz, D. & Haasdonk, B.: Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for nonlinear kernel-based reduced systems, Systems and Control Letters, 2012, 61, 203 - 211. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract


Wirtz, D. & Haasdonk, B.: An Improved Vectorial Kernel Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm, University of Stuttgart, 2012. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Wirtz, D.; Karajan, N. & Haasdonk, B.: Model order reduction of multiscale models using kernel methods, SRC SimTech, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2012. Zeige BibTex

Wirtz, D.; Sorensen, D. & Haasdonk, B.: A-posteriori error estimation for DEIM reduced nonlinear dynamical systems, University of Stuttgart, 2012. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract



2012-10-29 A-posteriori error estimation for DEIM reduced nonlinear dynamical systems

In order to also locally present my latest research results, the project network 6/7 seminar was a good chance to reach other scientists within SimTech.

2012-10-05 A-posteriori error estimation for DEIM reduced nonlinear dynamical systems

At the second MoRePaS conference at the Conference Center "Reisensburg", Günzburg near Ulm, i had the chance to present the results obtained during my three months stay at Rice University as short term scholar.

2012-09-10 An Improved Vectorial Kernel Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm

Since pure kernel approximation methods are also an important subpart of the current research, some results regarding an improved version of a class of greedy algorithms have been presented and discussed at the Dolomites Workshop on Constructive Approximation and Applications (DWCAA).

2012-04-16 MOR and A-Posteriori Error Estimation for Parameterized Kernel-Based Systems

At the beginning of my stay at Rice University with Prof. Dr. Sorensen i held two introductionary talks to both RB methods and my research regarding model reduction of parameterized dynamical systems using kernel methods.

The RB introduction was mostly a compilation of Markus Dihlmann's slides and recent work. Thanks to him for the nice material.

2012-02-15 A-posteriori error estimation for parameterized kernel-based systems

At the MathMOD conference 2012 we present the current results in error estimation for parameterized kernel-based dynamical systems.

Check on the current MathMOD 2012 preliminary schedule for more information.

2012-02-07 Model Reduction Techniques using Kernels with Application to a Timoshenko Beam System

This talk was held following an invitation of Prof. Dr. Leugering at the University of Erlangen. This talk presents our model reduction technique using the commonly worked on dynamical model for timoshenko beam systems.

First results regarding the parameterized linear system are presented and techniques to tackle reduction difficulties for a nonlinear extension are discussed.

Thanks for funding go to the LeOpIn project at the University of Erlangen.

2012-02-02 Inverse Problems in Image Processing

This talk is held within the SimTech graduate school seminar " Inverse Problems - Theory and Applications".

2011-10-26 Concepts of model reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems

This year the PhD's involved within the Reduced Basis community held a RBM summer school on RB methods, optimization, empirical interpolation and related topics.

Due to my connection to the model reduction and comparability of many concepts from Reduced Basis i held a talk introducing the model reduction concepts for nonlinear dynamical systems. As both my applications and the RB setting make use of affinely-decomposed (bi-)linear forms, a special feature regarding MatLab implementations of such structures in KerMor was included, too.

2011-09-16 Model reduction with kernel methods

This year i participated the second time at the PhD-Course of the Ferienakademie.

My talk included an overview regarding the applied reduction technique and some newer results regarding error estimators for parameterized systems.

Additionally, Sven Kaulmann and me gave a tutorial about Reduced Basis methods and an introduction to rbmatlab.

Tutorial slides/ handout

2011-09-14 Model reduction with kernel methods: the shape of the milestone

This presentation is to be held by every member of the SimTech Graduate School at about the half time of their projects.

It summarizes the previous achievements and points out open questions and topics of further research.

2011-07-18 Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for kernel based reduced systems

This year i had the change to present our work on error estimators for kernel based dynamical systems at the ICIAM Conference 2011.

In extension to our recent work we presented novel results for parameterized kernel based systems.

2011-04-18 Model reduction using kernels and (biochemical) applications

Due to my strong link to biochemical systems i had the chance to present my current work in the project network 7 seminar.

Besides the usual introduction to my overall work a new currently investigated algorithm for adaptive approximation generation is introduced. Application to the programmed cell death model of M. Daub finishes this talk.

2011-02-22 Learning Theory and Applications in Model Reduction

This year i again participated at the seminar for applied mathematics of the university of Münster.

This talk focused on statistical learning theory aspects and possible connections to model reduction of nonlinear dynamical systems.

2010-12-14 Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for nonlinear kernel-based reduced systems

An updated version of my talk at the MODRED Berlin was given in the SimTech Project Network 6 Seminar.

2010-12-02 Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for nonlinear kernel-based reduced systems

Talk at the Conference " Model Reduction for Complex Dynamical Systems", TU Berlin, Germany



Download abstract here.

2010-09-23 Efficient a-posteriori error estimation for nonlinear kernel-based reduced systems

Talk at the meeting of the " GMA-Fachausschuss 1.30"

"Modellbildung, Identifikation und Simulation in der Automatisierungstechnik" (Chair: Prof. Boris Lohmann) in Salzburg, Austria


Download abstract here.

2010-09-20 Model reduction using kernel methods and efficient a-posteriori error estimation

As part of the PhD-Course at the Ferienakademie everybody holds a talk about their current research.

Further, small groups organize tutorial sessions for the whole group.

My tutorial contribution is called "Kernel Interpolation, Regression and statistical learning theory".

Additional downloads: Tutorial Script / Tutorial slides.

2010-06-22 An introduction to the KerMOR Software Library

MatLAB AG - Seminar "Model Reduction and Real Time Simulation"

IANS, University of Stuttgart

2010-02-23 Overview Presentation

This talk was about the contents and results of my diploma thesis written in Münster and about the work i started as PhD in Stuttgart.


It was hold within the Ski-Seminar organized from the Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, University of Münster, Germany

2009-12-16 Entwicklung & Anwendung des SegMedix-Frameworks für medizinische Bildverarbeitung

This talk is a summary of my diploma thesis work at the University of Münster held in the Oberseminar Angewandte Mathematik.


Further information

Matlab File Exchange Publications

Since the KerMor Software is developed using MatLab, some smaller tools and projects have been extracted as standalone versions and published on the MatLab File Exchange. Check out my author's page!

Diploma Thesis

SEGMEDIX: Development and Application of a Medical Image Segmentation Framework, 2009 (Collaboration with: Xiaoyi Jiang, WWU) 

Associated Professor: Prof. Dr. Martin Burger, WWU

One recent aim of the Imaging Workgroup is the processing of medical MR/CT images in combination with ECG data to support noninvasive medical analysis and thus treatment of patients. As a first step this thesis is concerned with the development of a segmentation framework containing a collection of both standard and modern segmentation algorithms.

Moreover, suitable pre- and post processing algorithms complete the MATLAB based program to a fully self-contained segmentation framework. In the second part the framework is applied to the MR patient data obtained through the current cooperation with several clinics and successful results are presented along with some experiments.

Currently research on a newly developed Mumford-Shah variant is pursued and results will be published soon.
Download the diploma thesis here.

Miscellaneous Activities