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Sven Kaulmann


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Phone 0049 711 685-62069
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Room 7.116
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Universität Stuttgart
Insitute for Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation
Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569  Stuttgart

Curriculum vitae

Work Experience
since 2013 Research assistant, Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics, University of Münster
since 2011 Research assistant, SimTech Cluster of Excellence, Universität Stuttgart
2009-2011 Student assistant, Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics, University of Münster
2007-2009 Salesman for german Apple© distributor
2005-2006 Civilian service
Mar 2011 Diploma in Mathematics, University of Münster
2008-2010 Main study period, Mathematics, University of Münster
Oct 2008 Intermediate examination, Mathematics, University of Münster
2007-2008 Undergraduate studies, Mathematics, University of Münster
2006-2007 Undergraduate studies, Mathematics, University of Bonn

 My full vitae can be found here.


Kaulmann, S.; Flemisch, B.; Haasdonk, B.; Lie, K.-A. & Ohlberger, M.: The Localized Reduced Basis Multiscale method for two-phase flows in porous media,, 2014. Kaulmann2014wa.pdf Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Kaulmann, S. & Haasdonk, B.: Moitinho de Almeida, José Paulo Baptista and Diez, Pedro and Tiago, Carlos and Parés, Núria (Eds.), Online Greedy Reduced Basis Construction Using Dictionaries, VI International Conference on Adaptive Modeling and Simulation (ADMOS 2013), 2013, 365-376. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Albrecht, F.; Haasdonk, B.; Kaulmann, S. & Ohlberger, M.: Handloviv cová, Angela and Minarechová, Zuzana and v Sevv coviv c, Daniel (Eds.), The Localized Reduced Basis Multiscale Method, Algoritmy 2012, Publishing House of STU, 2012, 393-403. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Dihlmann, M.; Kaulmann, S. & Haasdonk, B.: Online Reduced Basis Construction Procedure for Model Reduction of Parametrized Evolution Systems, Proc. MATHMOD 2012 - 7th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, 2012. Zeige BibTex

Drohmann, M.; Haasdonk, B. & Ohlberger, M.: Dedner, Andreas and Flemisch, Bernd and Klöfkorn, Robert (Eds.), A Software Framework for Reduced Basis Methods Using DUNE-RB and RBMATLAB, Advances in DUNE: Proceedings of the DUNE User Meeting, Held in October 6th-8th 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, Springer, 2012. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract

Kaulmann, S.: A Localized Reduced Basis Approach for Heterogenous Multiscale Problems, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster, 2011. Kaulmann2011cr.pdf Zeige BibTex

Kaulmann, S.; Ohlberger, M. & Haasdonk, B.: A new local reduced basis discontinuous Galerkin approach for heterogeneous multiscale problems, Comptes Rendus Mathematique, 2011, 349, 1233-1238. Zeige BibTex Zeige Abstract


Winter term 2012/2013: Assistance in lecture "Höhere Mathematik 2 für Ingenieure"


13.09.2012 The Localized Reduced Basis Multiscale Method

In this talk, held at the 2012 Algoritmy conference in Podbanske, Slovakia, ich presented the Localized Reduced Basis Multiscale method.

29.08.2012 Online Reduced Basis Construction Using Dictionaries

In this talk, held during the Reduced Basis summer school in Freudenstadt, Germany, I presented our dictionary-based online basis construction algorithm. Additionally I gave a short outline of our software package DUNE-rb.

19.06.2012 Implementational Challenges in Localized Reduced Basis Multiscale Methods

In this talk, held at the 2012 PDESoft conference, I gave an overview over our software package DUNE-rb. Further, I presented numerical tests for an oil-reservoir scenario.

19.05.2011 A Localized Reduced Basis Approach for Heterogenous Multiscale Problems

In this talk, held at the IANS graduate seminar at the university of Stuttgart, I presented the results of my diploma thesis.

15.01.2010 The Reduced Basis Method: Basis Ideas, Applications and Implementation Aspects

In this talk, held during the 2010  "Workshop on numerical analysis of partial differential equations" (WONAPDE) at the university of Concepción, Chile, I gave a basic overview over reduced basis methods.