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Promotionsliste Fachbereich Mathematik 2017

Digital veröffentlichte Dissertationen können auf dem Dokumentenserver der Universität Stuttgart heruntergeladen werden.

DatumTitelName, Vorname
13.10.2017 Kernel-Based Expectile Regression Farooq, Muhammad
11.10.2017 Modeling and Analysis of Almost Unidirectional Flows in Porous Media Armiti, Alaa
14.09.2017 Minimal Orbits of Isotrophy Actions for the Classical Root Systems with Simply-Laced Dynkin Diagrams Reiswich, Anton
13.07.2017 Effective Equations in Mathematical Quantum Mechanics Gilg, Steffen
06.07.2017 WEB-Spline Approximation and Collocation for Singular and Time-Dependent Problems Martin, Florian
24.05.2017 Energy estimates for the two-dimensional Fermi polaron Linden, Ulrich
25.04.2017 Reduced Basis Approximation for Heterogeneous Domain Decomposition Problems Martini, Immanuel
21.04.2017 Killing and Conformal Killing Tensors Heil, Konstantin
22.03.2017 Self-Adjointness and Domain of a Class of Generalized Nelson Models Wünsch, Andreas
14.03.2017 Spectral and Hardy Inequalities for the Heisenberg Laplacian Ruszkowski, Bartosch
07.03.2017 Sylow Numbers in Character Tables and Integral Group Rings Köster, Iris
03.02.2017 Dominant dimensions of Algebra Marczinzik, René
20.01.2017 Supercharacter theories for Sylow p-subgroups 3Dsyl
(q3), Gsyl
(q) and 2Gsyl
Sun, Yujiao